Adopting a HG-52SS Crank Up Tower

I had the pleasure of working with a great group of people today. Our task was to move a HyGain HG-52SS tower from the home of NZ8C and transport it 26 miles to it’s new home. In the coming months, it will be overhauled, a new base poured, and re-erected at the QTH. The skies were clear and beautiful, a nice reprieve from the cold Ohio winter.

It took some effort, but we were able to make short work of moving the tower. In the fully stowed position, the tower is 21.5 feet long and weighs a few hundred pounds.

After unloading at my QTH, we had plenty of food and munchies thanks to Mary and Kim. Sorry, my hands were full of grub, so no pictures of the gathering there.

A huge shoutout to Dick (NZ8C) for the tower and for helping coordinate additional help. Bill (NE8AL) who traveled up from Cincinnati. Rob (KE8QPI), Steve (K8SWH), Paul (KB8PTL), Kelly and Josh for breaking your backs. Mary and Kim for providing the food. I owe you guys one!

Additional thanks to Dick(NZ8C), and Scott (NT8Z) for helping get the truck/trailer unstuck from the mud last night.


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